Specialized dog consulting

Training and behavior consulting for clients, dog breeders and vets

Bespoke services

Tailored assessment for each unique case

Experts in the field

Staff with over 21 years of training and consulting experience

Remote sessions

Schedule your one-on-one video conference at your convenience

Who We Are

Steve Haynes

Dog Specialist´s founder, professional trainer and behaviourist for 21 years. Steve has worked with over 15.000 dogs, and their people, and holds an international patent for dog training devices.

Susanna Love

Susanna has been intrigued by animal behavior since she was a child. Years of studying natural horsemanship and low-stress stock handling took her on a journey that brought her to …

Ronnie Smith

Ronnie is descended from dog training royalty, and Bird dogs run deep in his blood. His father, uncle, and cousins are all legendary dog trainers, and between them they have multiple Hall of Fame awards.

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