Specialized dog consulting

Training and behavior consulting for clients, dog breeders and vets

Bespoke services

Tailored assessment for each unique case

Experts in the field

Staff with over 21 years of training and consulting experience

Remote sessions

Schedule your one-on-one video conference at your convenience

Who We Are

Steve Haynes

Dog Specialist´s founder, professional trainer and behaviourist for 21 years. Steve has worked with over 15.000 dogs, and their people, and holds an international patent for dog training devices.

Susanna Love

Susanna has been intrigued by animal behavior since she was a child. Years of studying natural horsemanship and low-stress stock handling took her on a journey that brought her to …

Ronnie Smith

Ronnie is descended from dog training royalty, and Bird dogs run deep in his blood. His father, uncle, and cousins are all legendary dog trainers, and between them they have multiple Hall of Fame awards.

What We Do

Guidance in your training goals

Years of expertise are rolled into what we give our clients in the video conference sessions.  We’ve been working with and training dogs for over 21 years.

Remote training and consulting

We consult remotely.  Now you have access to experts in all aspects of dog training and behaviour, from the convenience of your home.

Personal advisor

Our live, one-on-one sessions give you professional and qualified advice.  No more relying on internet searches, or vying for attention in a group class.

Help picking the right dog

We’ve helped hundreds of clients decide on the right dog.  From interviewing breeders and puppy searches to online evaluations of puppy personality.  We can help you with your dog selection.

Breeder support

We assist some of the finest puppy breeders in the world build training and imprinting programs that produce intelligent, stable, world-class puppies.

How We Do It

You pick a time that works best for you on our scheduling system.

We work with you individually, via Zoom live sessions, to answer the questions that are unique to your situation.

You have access to behaviourists and trainers with many years of experience in different areas.

We choose together the training methods, techniques and how all of them apply to your dog and your particular case.

We advise, illustrate, and coach you in your training plans with your dog.

Years of experience

How does this work?
  • All of our session take place on Zoom video conference. You schedule your session with our on line scheduling tool when it is convenient for you.
  • Personalized live session.
  • Experts you can not find in most locales.
  • We work specifically on what is important to you and your dog.
How much training can be done remotely?
  • What we do isn’t training. It’s teaching you how to work with your dog using the tools and techniques you’ve chosen, or we will guide you in best practices for dog training.
  • We advise, illustrate, and coach you in your training plans with your dog.
Extensive expertise with problem behaviour issues.
  • We consult with clients individually and with veterinarians about behavior issues.

  • Every single behavior case is unique and there is no way to assess them other than in an individual consultation.

What is the value in doing this?
  • Through Dog Specialist, you have access to behaviorists and trainers with many years of experience. In many areas this depth of experience just doesn’t exist.
  • Where before you would have to bring in one of us or come to us, we can now meet via video conference and accomplish the same level of assessment.
I'm going to local training-Can you still help me?
  • Absolutely, Local classes are necessary for socialization and practice.  We compliment them and extend what you learn in the classes, as well as provide guidance on things that you may not have understood in a group setting.
Why Choose Us

Access to experts and their experience that is difficult to find locally for most clients. Deep knowledge of training methods, techniques and how all of them apply to your dog and your unique situation.

We are remote and we have an online scheduling tool that lets you pick a time that is convenient for you. No travel to meet with us. No expense of bringing us in for a consultation.

We value our client’s privacy.  All of our sessions are conducted via secure Zoom conference and we NEVER release client data to any other source.

Clicker training, puppy imprinting, off-leash training advice, problem puppy behaviours, We can assist you regardless of the training method or technique you want to train your dog with.


  Expertise & Knowledge

 Convenient access

  Privacy & secure communication

  Proven methods

Steve has such an amazing history within the dog training world, but when I talk with him online, I feel like you are with a great friend and getting honest, personable, and tailored information for our family and our puppy.

– Patricia R.
Client in 2020

Steve has helped me train 4 dogs in the past 21 years. Working with him in person was wonderful, but having access to him whenever I need him remotely is even better. He always knows what to do and his depth of knowledge of dog behaviour is truly impressive. I hope he’s here to help me for the next 20 years!

– Mark S.
Client  for the last 20 years

Steve is such a tremendous help. This is my first dog in over 50 years and I needed great advice to get through it. Thank you Steve for all of the help and support you’ve given me.

– Alys W.
Client in 2020

Wealth of knowledge meets academic research and practical everyday experience. Steve has always been professional, customer-service oriented and results-driven. He has such a way with dogs, he communicates with them on a different level. I routinely treat aggression, anxiety and compulsive disorders in pets and he has always been my go-to resource.

John Fought (Client for 15 years)
Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Firehouse Animal Health Center-Austin,Tx.

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