You’ve got to walk the dog…why not pick up some trash when you do it?
Written by Stephen Haynes
September 27, 2023

Picking up trash and walking your dog.  Great opportunity for training.

Time for Dog Walking and a bit of environmental activism.
First of all read this article:
If you have a dog, which you probably do if you’re reading this, and you walk it, then why not start picking up some trash while you do that. It’s a great idea and a 2 for one in my opinion.
I live in the city now. A busy little city that has all of the issues of city life. One of the things that has bothered me since moving here is that there is always trash around. Not piles of it like NYC in the 70’s but bits and pieces blowing around and lots of it collecting in the little grass area between the sidewalk and street.
A few weeks ago I made up my mind that I was going to start picking up some of the trash, not really in conjunction with walking the dog, but because it would make me feel better to have my street be “tidier” and less junky than other places. I ordered one of those trash tong things, go the backpack ready with trash bags and away I went on my tidying journey. But, adding the dog in make it a whole different experience. While I pick things up, the dog gets to do things like practice his sit stay, or his stand command. Or, if I’m lazy, he gets to just sniff around more than normal which make it a great walk for him.
Combining the trash pickup aspect with the dog training aspect though is something I’d never really thought of before but it makes a lot of sense.
Get your dog to sit while you pick up those cigarette buts in the gutter. Practice a down stay wile you deal with that burger wrapper blowing down the sidewalk. Not a bad way to practice at all and it’ll make your “hood” look a lot nice if you do even a little bit of it.
Think about it. You get exercise, your dog gets exercise and training practice, and your neighborhood gets a little prettier. I see no downside at all to this.